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Revolutionizing Online Shopping:

Creating a Better Future with AI

Our team of passionate scientists is committed to building a brighter tomorrow through innovative applications utilizing artificial intelligence. Over the past year, we have tirelessly focused our efforts on creating a virtual try-on application that will revolutionize the shopping experience. By reducing the number of unsatisfied customers due to incorrect purchases, we aim to make the shopping experience more enjoyable and streamlined for everyone. We are convinced that online shopping can be made more efficient while reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating the need to travel and providing a wider selection of options. Our dedication to creating a better future is unwavering, and we look forward to continuing to bring our vision to life through our work.

Friba Shaker

CEO & Founder

Fariba is an AI scientist specialized in computer vision.

Who we are?

Fariba shaker

Fariba is an AI scientist specialized in computer vision. She also has a passion for sewing and fashion design. During her free time, she enjoys designing and creating clothes. Combining her expertise in both areas, she established a company that has developed an online application to assist individuals in trying on clothes virtually. Fariba's ultimate goal is to solve the problem people face when shopping for clothes online through her innovative application. She hopes that by providing a virtual platform for trying on clothes, customers will have a better experience and make more informed purchases.

Milad Alizadeh

Milad Alizadeh is the Co-Founder and COO of Maad Electronic, an electronic, science and technology-based company focused on Monitoring and Automation Industry as its main activity. He has been in this role since 2010. In addition, he has been the Chief Business Development Officer at Nafun Electronics in Muscat, Oman since 2018, and a Co-Founder and CTO of NafunTech, also in Muscat, Oman since 2022. As a serial entrepreneur, Milad has worked on various projects, including the establishment of MAADco, an online monitoring system for two 320MW Steam Power Plants, a ChatBot (NLP), and several software projects such as an online shop and retail distribution, a mobile application for teaching English, and a recommender system.

Fatemeh Rafiee

Fatemeh is a computer engineer with a passion for artificial intelligence. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Arak University and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at Yazd University. She has valuable experience in machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision techniques. In fact, she has been working on several computer vision projects for the past year at NafunTech, where she has been responsible for developing and implementing cutting-edge algorithms. Through these projects she applied her knowledge of computer engineering and artificial intelligence to real-world problems.

Ali Abedi

Ali is an accomplished Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering with a focus on deep learning and computer vision at the University of Windsor, Canada. With a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence Engineering from the University of Isfahan and over 7 years of professional programming experience, Ali has a strong background in AI and programming. He has successfully completed several AI and web-based applications and projects throughout his career, collaborating with various software development and computer vision teams on numerous industrial and academic projects. With exceptional teamwork skills and a goal to positively impact society through innovative AI solutions, Ali is one to watch in the world of artificial intelligence.